GUYS I’M ON BUZZFEED am I famous yet?? T…

GUYS I’M ON BUZZFEED am I famous yet?? Thanks @buzzfeed @asis @selorm.k !


Butt Slut

Butt Slut

Oh my – what a precious little piggie I have right here. Ballgagged in your mouth and your sluthole right open, arms and legs restrained to the bondage bed… I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to like it. In fact, I won’t be able to hear your screams or moans through that gag.

Do you see how big this cock is? It’s enormous. Doesn’t it feel ridiculously huge while I’m using it to bitchslap your face? I know you want to suck it but you can’t because you’re gagged. Ha!

I’m going to peg you until you’re walking funny. Take it, bitch. You’re my butt slut.


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My Personal Seat

My Personal Seat

Locked up underneath my ass – my personal seat. Could you ask for anything better?

It must be so sweaty under all those layers of plastic wrap mummification, and I’m sure your hard cock is struggling in that chastity. I prefer you restrained when I’m sitting on you. That way you struggle a little bit. That way you have to wiggle yourself into my asscrack to keep on sniffing it, feeling that latex ass sweat dripping on your face.

Isn’t it such a beautiful view underneath me? My ass cheeks slowly lowering down onto your face until you’re struggling for breath. It’s so funny that you’re both mentally AND physically helpless for my butt!

And when you’re deep in my bum, I’ll lock your head in place with a strong scissorhold. Don’t fight it, darling, your puny head is no match for my powerful legs. I love feeling you get tense and struggling to breathe while my thighs are squeezing on either side of your face and neck. I could just squash you like a bug.


What is your favorite kind of torture to perfo…

What is your favorite kind of torture to perform on a slave?

The hurting kind.


What exactly is it about abusing a man's …

What exactly is it about abusing a man's testicles that you enjoy?

It’s funny.


Hello Mistress. Any future plans to make it to…

Hello Mistress. Any future plans to make it to Boston?

My next East Coast trip, tentatively. I was going to go this fall but life got in the way and will be back in the spring.


Necessary Discipline

Necessary Discipline

You’ve been such a disappointment.

Running your mouth, chatting away, and being an embarrassment in front of my friends. Do you forget that you’re a slave? Do you forget that you’re a bitch? Do I need to beat you to remind you of your place?

Everything can be used for discipline if necessary. And since I need to discipline you right here and now, I’m going to use this wooden spoon and a belt. Don’t worry – I’ll make sure it hurts. First, I’ll scratch you with this fork so your ass skin is extra tender for me. Then I’ll paddle you with this wooden spoon until it breaks and whip you with this belt until you start crying. I’m also not forgetting your taint – your entire derriere is getting a whooping.

You act like an ass around me and I’ll beat your ass like the ass you are. This is necessary discipline.