Let’s talk about Slave #003 got himself into his current…

Let’s talk about Slave #003 got himself into his current condition of being locked in chastity, ass plugged, balls collared with an electric shock collar and forced to work out at my gym… (long read but I promise you it’s good!)

#003 originally came to me for training last fall to prepare for the first
Order of Indomitus event. He then served Guest Priestess of The Order
Mistress Devlynn DeSade
for an overnight session on February 3 when she was visiting NYC. He arrived in chastity and wasn’t released or permitted release until further notice. #003 uses plastic locks which
allows him to go through TSA when he travels as well as remove the lock
in case of emergency. He takes a photo of the unique series of numbers
that are printed on the lock so it can’t removed then replaced with a
new lock without us knowing.

#003 then saw me on February 19
for further slave training, as well as the start of a weight loss plan. @devlynndesade dropped me a line beforehand and we conspired what to do with our little piece of property. I
decided to permit him release and locked him right back up. Alas, #003 was out of plastic
locks, but he did have a metal one. Taking all three keys, I told him I guess
I’d be seeing him again before he had to go through TSA for his next
trip *grin*…

About a week and a half later he attempted to book a
session with me, but was so utterly irritating and long-winded in his
numerous emails, that I told him I didn’t want to see him. Imagine being
so annoying that you can’t even pay a pro domme to see you! It
shouldn’t take more than 2 emails to book a session if you’ve served me before; the first is to request the session and the second
to confirm. He also wasn’t permitted to speak to me (no emails or phone
sessions) until he knew his availability, then he was permitted ONE
email to put in his request. Being his key holder, he was in no position to retaliate.

With such a busy work schedule, #003 wasn’t able
to see me until yesterday. Twenty-five days in chastity! His longest
sentence yet! If that wasn’t enough, I punished him for his inability to control his speech:
pony bit in his mouth for his talky-talky then tortured his fingers for
his typey-typey. He was also punished because he had only lost 1.6
pounds in 25 days.

He took a good beating and had been locked up for so long that a reward
was in place. But I thought it would be hilarious to milk him in his
chastity device instead of allowing him to enjoy an erection.
The process was long, but that’s only because it was truly torturous so
I definitely wasn’t bored! I reminded #003 that since I had somewhere
important to be, if he couldn’t cum, there was no amount of money could
get me to extend. I added that he could always try to see the next day
knowing full well that his schedule is demanding and it takes
orchestration to get the time to session. *cackles*

as it turns out, #003 is one of those slaves who can’t be milked in a cage (oops) so the session
ended with him feeling so frustrated that he BEGGED for 10 cane strokes
just to take his mind off his misery! A non-masochist BEGGING for cane
strokes! Can you imagine? I’m so merciful that I granted him his wish.

I honestly didn’t think #003’s schedule would have
allowed him to see me today, but I guess a desperate slave will do what
it takes to make it happen. I truly wanted him to suffer to earn the
privilege to cum. After he did some soundproofing to my dungeon door, I
took him to the gym to work on his weight loss, still in chastity, but
also plugged with a remote shock collar tightly wrapped around his nuts.

The gym was
PACKED, but we found the last two ellipticals that were side by side. A lot of guys were checking me out since my boobs were spilling out of the front and sides of my tight sports top. I’m sure it was driving someone’s little caged dick crazy. I
had #003 start with HIIT and zapped his nuts when he wasn’t keeping up with my
orders. He was then left to complete ten more minutes as I went on to my
workout. I peeked over at him a few times and giggled to myself as I
watched him panting away then seeing his body jolt from the shocks I
administered from across the gym. After his cardio, I had him stretch
and work his abs and obliques. Gotta get rid of the gut and love
handles! Poorly done crunches earned him a ZAP!

We went to grab
dinner where I told him what he was allowed to eat. He’s a slow poke
about everything, so to be honest, at this point I lost count of zaps.

at the dungeon he was further punished. Not just with a crop, but again
mercilessly teased with a Hitachi followed by Hitachi sleeve on his
finally freed un-caged cock. This may have ruined me for future tease
and denial with other slaves. Firstly, I like when slaves don’t make hints
or requests and just truly leave it up to me to enjoy myself. And
secondly, he was locked up way past his limit so he was truly SUFFERING.
So panty drenching! Anyhow, you’d think at this point the poor thing
had earned permission to release, but nah. Since his dick was let out of jail and enjoying
fresh air, I decided that his nose didn’t deserve any fresh air at all. I took my
leggings off then sat on his face forcing him to huff my dirty sweat
drenched gym panties. He didn’t have a sweaty gym panty fetish before, but I
bet he does now, HAHA.

Well #003, it’s been real. Looking forward to furthering your training and being a better slave to the Order of Indomitus!