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Caning Consequences

Caning Consequences

Some slaves never learn.

You took off your chastity device without my permission yet again??? You know that consequences are at hand. I’d catch you, of course, and now it’s time for a no-mercy caning.

As you know, I have a strong caning arm. I can make you cry with ease. You will be trapped in a straitjacket, arms bound behind your back, legs spread and tied to the kitchen table. You will be beaten until you cry and shake, and I will give absolutely no regard to your cries of pain. If anything, they will bring a smile to my face. When you cry, I know that you are learning your lesson.

I believe in the learning powers of corporal punishment, and the stripes on your ass tell me that you will not be forgetting your lesson anytime soon.

Whipped to Stripes ft. Bossy Delilah

Whipped to Stripes ft. Bossy Delilah

Bossy Delilah and I have a brave boy in tow, ready to take our whipping. We mercilessly whip his back and his ass, covering with him with the markings it takes to serve us while laughing our asses off the entire way. He’s going to take it no matter what because he wants to be a good boy, and that’s just what he needs to do.

We force him to the ground, spread his legs open, and proceed to whip the delicate insides of his thighs. It’s an area that is frequently forgotten and oh-so-delicate – all the better to hurt him with. He wants to make us happy, right? So he’ll take the strikes of our singletail whips again and again, and he’ll take it because he’s a bitch.

We spy a groveling slave #2 in the corner and call him over, forcing his face deep in slave #1’s balls while taunting and teasing them about the thing’s they’ll do for Mistresses. We then pull both to the ground, forcing the two to have a breath holding competition underneath our generous asses. No breathing while your face is being smothered! Holding one’s breath is a bit difficult while your balls and thighs are being whipped, but a bitch has to do what a bitch has to do.

We kick slave #2 out and proceed to abuse bitch #1 some more, reminding him that he’ll take our beatings with pride and he’ll like it. It’s what he needs to do to earn his stripes.

Thanksgiving Pig: Part II

Thanksgiving Pig: Part II

Once the pig has been tenderized, you must be cooked!

I’ll start off by electrocuting your cock and balls. Let’s keep that on a nice heat and fry up your manhood bit by bit. It’s important that the piggy’s tender bits get properly roasted.

While that is toasting, your insides will be basted. How, you ask? Why, with a turkey baster penetrating your asshole, of course? All delicious piggies need to be stuffed.

And when I’m done, I’ll rectally check your temperature to make sure you’re cooked to perfection. It’s Thanksgiving, and you’re my little fuckpig treat.

Thanksgiving Pig: Part I

Thanksgiving Pig: Part I

‘Tis the season for Femdom Feasting! And like any good Mistress, I love a good long pig.

Of course, the pig isn’t ready to be served quite yet. First, you must be trussed in bondage. Leather armbinders attached to your balls, and boots attached to your thigh cuffs should be enough to present your juicy rear to me. Then, you need to be tenderized – thoroughly beaten – until your flesh is pink and rosy enough to eat. And of course, an apple gag inside your little piggy mouth to top it all off! I want you to be presentable when the other Mistresses come to feast on you.

I’ll start off by spanking your bum, just enough to warm you up and then some. I like feeling your skin grow hot against my palms as I spank your ass and watch you squirm. But a hand spanking isn’t enough. A bamboo kitchen paddle to wallop you should really tenderize your sweet bottom. Paddling you again and again and again… any good little piggy’s ass should be nice and red.

But that’s just the beginning. There’s more to come, pig! You’re not cooked yet…

Ballbusting for Real Men

Ballbusting for Real Men

Let’s face it: you will never be enough as a man. I like a man with a big, thick, hard cock, a man who can prove his masculinity for me in the most physical sort of way. You? You’ll never match up.

So instead, you’re going to watch me stroke my man’s cock. I love feeling it in my hands, slick and girthy while I slide up and down it, giving him the handjob he deserves. I love sitting on his face, grinding my ass and pussy on his head while playing with his cock. And of course, I love watching him take punishment for me through his cock and balls. Watch and take note, you pathetic wimp bitch.

Watch and see what sorts of punishments a Real Man can endure for me. I pull on his balls and stretch them out while getting him off because the mix of pleasure and pain is exciting for me. I twist them, squeeze them, separate them, slap them, and punch them because knowing he takes it for me gets me off. And when I’ve edged him long enough, I’ll allow him to cum. He’s earned it, taking all that ballbusting, ball abuse, and CBT for me.

And of course, Real Men suck it up and suck up their own cum for me. It’s what I require. Real Men take a real punishments from me. 

Upside-Down Smothering ft. Nicolette Rule and …

Upside-Down Smothering ft. Nicolette Rule and Quinn Helix

Helpless little gimp is stretched upside down on the inversion rack, unstable and toppled back and forth to the delight of me, Nicolette Rule, and Quinn Helix. His helpless little face looks all too inviting – all the better to play with him. It’s his lucky day! A delicious rubber smothering by our asses and breasts, toppling back and forth while we lack at his complete vulnerability to the thin rubber that separates us from our bodies.

No need to breathe when you have me and Quinn’s asses on your face. Just bask in that ass sweat and shut your mouth. No need to struggle when Nicolette presses her genuine bosom onto your nose and mouth, choking you out with her feminine physique. Today is a treat for you, but try not to get motion sick while we topple you back and forth!

Clamped Balls

Clamped Balls

So many ways to torment your testicles! Did you think I would only use nipple clamps on your titties? Why do that when we have these generous balls to play with. They’re so conveniently separated for me in the chastity device, it’s only right that today I use them for some good ol’ fashioned ball abuse!

These metal clover clamps provide a perfect handle for me to pinch and pull on your balls. Little concentrated areas of pain while I jiggle them around, the chain jingling in perfect harmony with your screams. Does that hurt? Good! The more you hurt, the more I laugh. CBT is just too hilarious to me.

Crop ‘em, whip ’em, scratch’ em, slap ’em, clamp ’em – I can think of a million ways to make you hurt via your testicles. The question is: what will make me smile the most?

Whatever causes you the most distress, of course. 😉

Cock Milked Numb

Cock Milked Numb

Ok, I’ll be nice to you. After all that ball abuse, I’ll allow you a little bit of pleasure. You deserve it.

Just kidding! Thought I’d be that nice to you? I have better things to do. I’m going to edge you over and over and over again, bringing you to the brink of cumming and then taking it away. This Venus 2000 milking machine is going to go to the maximum speed, sucking you off like you’ve never felt before, and just when you think you’re about to orgasm, I’m going to turn it back down again.

Of course, you know you can’t cum without my permission, anyway. This will just make it all the more difficult…and all the more entertaining for me! Your cock is your weakness, and I’m using it to my advantage.



Did you think a Venus 2000 milking machine was only going to be used for your pleasure?

Why would I do that? I am a sadist, after all. And it’s so much funnier to take advantage of your cock and balls in a painful way than a pleasurable way. You’ll need to make me laugh first before I even think about letting you cum.

I was going to use these breast pumps for nipple torture, but found a far more entertaining use for them on your balls! How does that feel with it suctioning and squeezing them in and out of those tight little tubes? It’s almost like I’m teabagging you…but you know I would never do that. 😉 Your testicles are getting all swollen and funny looking. Does it feel like a million little punches at the same time? Don’t you love CBT? I sure do.

Good thing you’re restrained in that leather straitjacket and your legs spread in an inescapable frogtie! I’m sure you want to close your legs on me right about now. You were actually getting hard at first thinking I was just going to tease and pleasure you! You should know me better by now.

Latex Lockdown: Part II

Latex Lockdown: Part II

Now that you’re all suited up, bound, and helpless, it’s time to torture your cock. Are you scared?

This chastity device really makes putting these TENS unit electrodes on your cock and balls so easy. It separates out that sensitive taint area and your balls so I can shock both areas with ease! Meanwhile, all you have to do is lie there and take it.

I like watching your entire body tense up as electricity jolts through you. Good thing I gagged your mouth with panties and a muzzle, right? You’re screaming so loudly that the neighbors might hear you! Better be quiet…don’t want them knowing how much of a rubber freak you are in that latex catsuit and bondage.

That looks like it hurts, doesn’t it? Too bad you can’t escape. Why do you think I spent all that time putting you in bondage and leaving your genitals out? It was purely for my entertainment.

Shh – be quiet! You’re being far too loud. Do I need to smother you to shut you up? Perhaps my fingers pinched around your nose…or maybe I’ll just put plastic wrap over your face. Be quiet, don’t breathe. Don’t make a peep while I turn this electricity on my ErosTek higher and higher…


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