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Ballbusting Makes You a Better Man

Ballbusting Makes You a Better Man

Come here, boy. I’ll drag you by your balls and pull you down to the floor if I have to. Oh, looks like I had to! Aren’t my feet so cute in these sneakers and thigh high socks? Why would you be scared of a nice little girl like me lighting tapping on your balls with my feet? You’re so helpless on the ground and I just want to give your balls a good jiggle. They’re just love taps. I’ll trample them, squish them underneath my soles, and give your balls and taint a good kick while you’re already on the floor. It looks like you can’t help but get excited when your crotch is in pain, huh?

I like to spit in holes before I fuck ‘em. Sta…

I like to spit in holes before I fuck ‘em. Stay tuned for my clip store launch date! (Yeah I know, FINALLY!)

Travel Dates:

Houston: July 23 – 25

Manhattan: July 30 – Aug 1

Philly (Rittenhouse): Aug 2 – 5

DC (Dupont Circle): Aug 5 – 7



Ruined Smother Gimp

Ruined Smother Gimp

What a lucky little boy to be all strapped into my heavy leather sleepsack, face hooded and mouth gagged with an inflatable rubber gag. Here, your mouth must be so tired from having that gag in – let me take it out. I’ve got a treat for you! I’m going to smother you over and over and over again with my divine ass and make you crave me…but of course, you can never have me. Take my ass on your face, sniff it, and feel my perfect cheeks jiggle, bounce, and gyrate all over your face. I can tell you’re getting turned on by this. How about I jerk you off a little bit? I know you’re craving it…oh…you thought you were going to be able to cum? not today, gimpy. My gimp, my rules.

Punishment Enema

Punishment Enema

You’ve always been such a dirty boy. Whenever you come in for your check-ups, I notice it – how disheveled you are, your personal hygiene habits, that smell…how unseemly! It was only time before someone straightened you out. I’ve been wanting to clean you up since I met you…from the inside out. You’ll feel yourself filled up and filled up and filled up, and I’m going to make sure you hold it until you can barely stand it any longer.

Set Up to Fail

Set Up to Fail

Putting thigh high boots on is a bit too easy as it is. Why not add a challenge to it? This will be far more entertaining watching you flounder around with your hands behind your back as you try to put on my lace-up boots. Of course, you’re never going to be able to do it. You’re just a source of pathetic entertainment for me to berate, laugh at, and abuse. Oh, did my foot hurt when I was kicking your balls? Does your back hurt from getting beat with a stick? Maybe you should stop being such a boot failure.

Hm. It looks like you fucked up, obviously. Time to cane you, you useless boot bitch!

Suck our heels, slave. What you missed at ED…

Suck our heels, slave.

What you missed at EDEN.

With @IsobelDevi

Photo: Victoria Blackwood (@BowToBlackwood on IG & Twitter)

Sacked & Shocked

Sacked & Shocked

I keep my real life slave locked up in chastity 24/7. On the days where I let him out, I make sure he knows that he’s just my toy. I put him in a leather hood, gag his mouth with an inflatable latex gag, and lead him into my sleepsack, where I zip, lace, and strap him in snugly, exposing his cock and balls for my entertainment. When I finally let him out, I tease and taunt him with my ass in his face and my spit on his balls, lightly running my fingers over his happily free and hard cock. Of course, freedom is only temporary – I proceed to tie up his cock and balls in bondage, squeezing, pulling, and scratching every single sensitive bit before attaching electrodes to his cock head and his balls and mummifying the entire thing in cling film to make sure it stays secure. I turn on my ErosTek and watch him squirm, laughing that he can’t feel my hands running over his cock nor can he smell my ass right in front of his face.

Who knows how long I’ll leave him in bondage for…

Who wants to be my toilet boy? … Text …

Who wants to be my toilet boy?

Text or call me anonymously at

‪Happy Valentine’s Day. ‬ ‪Suck my dick. ‬

‪Happy Valentine’s Day. ‬

‪Suck my dick. ‬

‪#tbt to that time I spanked Big Jay Oakerson …

‪#tbt to that time I spanked Big Jay Oakerson and turned Ralph Sutton into a sissy for the The SDR Show’s “Rock n Roll Jeopardy (with consequences!)” Miss you guys! ❤️