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Come be my slave at The Order of Indomitus thi…

Come be my slave at The Order of Indomitus this November! Nine spots left! Apply now:

Photo: Leche
Slave/rubber fuck toy: slave 037

I like to spit in holes before I fuck ‘em. Sta…

I like to spit in holes before I fuck ‘em. Stay tuned for my clip store launch date! (Yeah I know, FINALLY!)

Travel Dates:

Houston: July 23 – 25

Manhattan: July 30 – Aug 1

Philly (Rittenhouse): Aug 2 – 5

DC (Dupont Circle): Aug 5 – 7



Smiling Through My Bitchslaps

Smiling Through My Bitchslaps

I’ve been catching you out of line recently. A snarky remark here, a refusal there – what, do you think you are allowed to act out of place? Do you think you’re no longer submissive? I’m going to beat the submission back in you. And listen – you want to act snarky? How about you smile through my bitchslaps and my spittings? I’ll teach you what happens when you’re out of line.

‪RT! Don’t you wish you were the headboard? ‬ …

‪RT! Don’t you wish you were the headboard? ‬

‪Tour Dates With Michelle Lacy: ‬
‪Manhattan: 7/30 – 8/1‬
‪Philadelphia: 8/2 – 8/4‬
‪DC: 8/5 – 8/7‬

‪SAVE THE DATE: 9/7 is my 10 Year Dommiversary Party in Philly! Stay tuned! ‬

‪Photo: Tommy B Photo

Set Up to Fail

Set Up to Fail

Putting thigh high boots on is a bit too easy as it is. Why not add a challenge to it? This will be far more entertaining watching you flounder around with your hands behind your back as you try to put on my lace-up boots. Of course, you’re never going to be able to do it. You’re just a source of pathetic entertainment for me to berate, laugh at, and abuse. Oh, did my foot hurt when I was kicking your balls? Does your back hurt from getting beat with a stick? Maybe you should stop being such a boot failure.

Hm. It looks like you fucked up, obviously. Time to cane you, you useless boot bitch!

Suck our heels, slave. What you missed at ED…

Suck our heels, slave.

What you missed at EDEN.

With @IsobelDevi

Photo: Victoria Blackwood (@BowToBlackwood on IG & Twitter)

Sissy’s Used Gash ft. Mistress Genevieve…

Sissy’s Used Gash ft. Mistress Genevieve and Miss Penelope

Our crossdressing sissy is ready to get spit roasted. All dolled up in frilly pink satin panties, a corset, and a long slutty wig, this blonde whore is going to get fucked by me, Mistress Genevieve, and Miss Penelope. We know the slut can take big cocks, so we strap on our biggest toys – larger than our forearms – in preparation to peg the bitch to oblivion. We beat her ass and her face with our giant dongs, having her feel the weight of just how large our cocks are. We smoke cigarettes while penetrating our fuckdoll, ashing in her asscrack or dropping the ashes on the bed and making her lick it up. We force her to try and deepthroat our cocks, but they’re so big that she can’t fit her nasty mouth over it. This gangbang is far too much for our whore, and she can’t even keep her CD wig on in the process. Who knows where we’ll take her next…

Sacked & Shocked

Sacked & Shocked

I keep my real life slave locked up in chastity 24/7. On the days where I let him out, I make sure he knows that he’s just my toy. I put him in a leather hood, gag his mouth with an inflatable latex gag, and lead him into my sleepsack, where I zip, lace, and strap him in snugly, exposing his cock and balls for my entertainment. When I finally let him out, I tease and taunt him with my ass in his face and my spit on his balls, lightly running my fingers over his happily free and hard cock. Of course, freedom is only temporary – I proceed to tie up his cock and balls in bondage, squeezing, pulling, and scratching every single sensitive bit before attaching electrodes to his cock head and his balls and mummifying the entire thing in cling film to make sure it stays secure. I turn on my ErosTek and watch him squirm, laughing that he can’t feel my hands running over his cock nor can he smell my ass right in front of his face.

Who knows how long I’ll leave him in bondage for…

Hanging out with my gimp on a Sunday evening. …

Hanging out with my gimp on a Sunday evening. I watch TV while he remains totally immobilized in a leather sleepsack, gimp hood, and an inflatable rubber gag in his mouth. I occasionally pump the gag bigger to make sure his mouth stays nice and stretched out and sore. Casually teasing him with my feet is easy when he’s politely still in bondage…and it’s fun to watch his cock bounce up and down in excitement knowing that he gets totally objectified while I relax.

Back in Dallas training slaves both real time …

Back in Dallas training slaves both real time and phone sessions starting 4/30 throughout May. Book through my site or to chat.