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Upside-Down Smothering ft. Nicolette Rule and …

Upside-Down Smothering ft. Nicolette Rule and Quinn Helix

Helpless little gimp is stretched upside down on the inversion rack, unstable and toppled back and forth to the delight of me, Nicolette Rule, and Quinn Helix. His helpless little face looks all too inviting – all the better to play with him. It’s his lucky day! A delicious rubber smothering by our asses and breasts, toppling back and forth while we lack at his complete vulnerability to the thin rubber that separates us from our bodies.

No need to breathe when you have me and Quinn’s asses on your face. Just bask in that ass sweat and shut your mouth. No need to struggle when Nicolette presses her genuine bosom onto your nose and mouth, choking you out with her feminine physique. Today is a treat for you, but try not to get motion sick while we topple you back and forth!

Latex Lockdown: Part III

Latex Lockdown: Part III

I’ve spent so much time toying and hurting your cock – will it even be able to cum after all that oh-so-confusing electricity through the balls and taint? Now’s a good time to find out!

I like teasing and taunting you with my hands first. Running my fingers over it, grabbing your cock and feeling it get hard in my hand. After all that abuse, you can still get hard. And why not? I’m sure that latex catsuit wrapped all over your body, my panties in your mouth, your limbs restrained, and my playing with your most sensitive body parts…of course you would be hard

It’s time to pull out the Venus 2000. After all, I’m never going to suck your cock, so we might as well use a machine to do what no human will ever do. I’m going to relish turning this on high and dropping it down low, changing the rhythm so that you are constantly on edge. Bringing the speed up just enough so that you feel like you’re getting sucked off by an angel, and then dropping it terribly low so that you’re so close and so far.

You’re so cute when you’re writhing in bondage and erotic ecstasy. I like lying next to you and feeling you clench next to me, knowing that you can’t touch me at all, and I can touch you in every single way.

What if I leave it on high like this? Remember, you can never cum without my permission. Your cock and balls, your mind and body, and your orgasm all belong to me. No being selfish. I’ll just leave this on high while I leave the room.

What’s that smell? It’s the scent of my piss through the gas mask bubbler, silly! Doesn’t that smell so good? Meanwhile, you’re getting sucked off by the milking machine, your body is entirely tied up, and I’m here to laugh at you trying to keep your orgasm under wraps.

Ok, you can cum…

Oh, you thought I was going to remove the milking machine after you came? How cute.

Latex Lockdown: Part II

Latex Lockdown: Part II

Now that you’re all suited up, bound, and helpless, it’s time to torture your cock. Are you scared?

This chastity device really makes putting these TENS unit electrodes on your cock and balls so easy. It separates out that sensitive taint area and your balls so I can shock both areas with ease! Meanwhile, all you have to do is lie there and take it.

I like watching your entire body tense up as electricity jolts through you. Good thing I gagged your mouth with panties and a muzzle, right? You’re screaming so loudly that the neighbors might hear you! Better be quiet…don’t want them knowing how much of a rubber freak you are in that latex catsuit and bondage.

That looks like it hurts, doesn’t it? Too bad you can’t escape. Why do you think I spent all that time putting you in bondage and leaving your genitals out? It was purely for my entertainment.

Shh – be quiet! You’re being far too loud. Do I need to smother you to shut you up? Perhaps my fingers pinched around your nose…or maybe I’ll just put plastic wrap over your face. Be quiet, don’t breathe. Don’t make a peep while I turn this electricity on my ErosTek higher and higher…

Latex Lockdown: Part 1

Latex Lockdown: Part 1

A perfect little rubber toy for myself. You are going to be my rubber slave, and I will immobilize you bit by bit until you can’t escape.

You’re already clad in a skintight latex catsuit, and it only makes sense to cover your bitch face with a rubber hood. Seeing is a privilege. Don’t worry, I’ll put my used panties in your mouth as a gag before closing the hood back up. And to make sure you don’t speak, this head harness and muzzle will keep you shut up nice and tight.

Layers of bondage means chest harness, leather bondage boots, leather bondage mitts, spreader bars, and rope, all attached to my underbed bondage system. Bit by bit, I will immobilize you until you have no escape. Of course, your cute little cock and balls will be available for my use. For now, I will keep them locked up in chastity, but unzipped from the catsuit.

Writhe and moan for me in that bondage. This is just the beginning.

My Personal Seat

My Personal Seat

Locked up underneath my ass – my personal seat. Could you ask for anything better?

It must be so sweaty under all those layers of plastic wrap mummification, and I’m sure your hard cock is struggling in that chastity. I prefer you restrained when I’m sitting on you. That way you struggle a little bit. That way you have to wiggle yourself into my asscrack to keep on sniffing it, feeling that latex ass sweat dripping on your face.

Isn’t it such a beautiful view underneath me? My ass cheeks slowly lowering down onto your face until you’re struggling for breath. It’s so funny that you’re both mentally AND physically helpless for my butt!

And when you’re deep in my bum, I’ll lock your head in place with a strong scissorhold. Don’t fight it, darling, your puny head is no match for my powerful legs. I love feeling you get tense and struggling to breathe while my thighs are squeezing on either side of your face and neck. I could just squash you like a bug.


I like you so much more when you’re entirely covered head to toe in skintight rubber and completely restrained. You look less like a human and more like a bitch. I’m happy to say that I’ve never been more attracted to you than I am right now. (You never were really great at being a man, anyway.)

With that in mind, now that I’ve fully immobilized you, you have no choice but to accept that our life will continue just like this, with you as my rubber object and me toying around with you as I please. No fighting back! Not that you can, anyway.

And now it’s time for your weekly milking. You don’t get pussy anymore, by the way. That’s what this Venus 2000 is for — things like you don’t get treated to the pleasures of the female flesh. You’re just an object and you will get milked by another object. That’s just how life will be for you now!

And after I finish draining all your cum, I’ll just leave this on. I know your cock gets all sensitive after cumming, but who cares. It’s funny to watch you squirm in pain. Did you really think your milking was going to be pleasurable? How naive of you.

Donkey Numb Nuts ft. Nicolette Rule

Donkey Numb Nuts ft. Nicolette Rule

You’re not a man, you’re a dumb donkey, obviously. Look at you all strapped down on the St. Andrew’s cross with that silly donkey hood on. Mistress Nicolette Rule and I fully intend on taking advantage of your jackassery. Your donkey nipples are so sensitive! What if we put forceps on them and pull on them? And your weird donkey cock in chastity – let’s throw some wooden clothespins on them and see how you squirm.

No more talking like a human. You’re only allowed to “hee-haw” now. No screaming, even when we run our electrical taser over your tender pinched nipples and locked up cock and balls. No words, even when we take a crop to all your vulnerable bits. No human things at all, even when we quickly tug on the predicament bondage string that deviously connects the medical forceps on your nipples to the ring around the base of your genitals. Beasts of burden don’t get rights.

Whipped For My Entertainment

Whipped For My Entertainment

Some days I just want to whip you just because I can and because it is highly entertaining to watch you take pain for me. You may not be a masochist, but that just makes it all the fun for a sadist like me! Arms restrained in a leather straitjacket and legs wide open in a spreader bar: I’ll make sure you lie there and take it just like a good little bitch. I know, I know – my alligator whip stings so much – but you don’t really have any choice in this situation, do you?

‪RT! Don’t you wish you were the headboard? ‬ …

‪RT! Don’t you wish you were the headboard? ‬

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‪Manhattan: 7/30 – 8/1‬
‪Philadelphia: 8/2 – 8/4‬
‪DC: 8/5 – 8/7‬

‪SAVE THE DATE: 9/7 is my 10 Year Dommiversary Party in Philly! Stay tuned! ‬

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Punishment Enema

Punishment Enema

You’ve always been such a dirty boy. Whenever you come in for your check-ups, I notice it – how disheveled you are, your personal hygiene habits, that smell…how unseemly! It was only time before someone straightened you out. I’ve been wanting to clean you up since I met you…from the inside out. You’ll feel yourself filled up and filled up and filled up, and I’m going to make sure you hold it until you can barely stand it any longer.


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