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Latex Lockdown: Part II

Latex Lockdown: Part II

Now that you’re all suited up, bound, and helpless, it’s time to torture your cock. Are you scared?

This chastity device really makes putting these TENS unit electrodes on your cock and balls so easy. It separates out that sensitive taint area and your balls so I can shock both areas with ease! Meanwhile, all you have to do is lie there and take it.

I like watching your entire body tense up as electricity jolts through you. Good thing I gagged your mouth with panties and a muzzle, right? You’re screaming so loudly that the neighbors might hear you! Better be quiet…don’t want them knowing how much of a rubber freak you are in that latex catsuit and bondage.

That looks like it hurts, doesn’t it? Too bad you can’t escape. Why do you think I spent all that time putting you in bondage and leaving your genitals out? It was purely for my entertainment.

Shh – be quiet! You’re being far too loud. Do I need to smother you to shut you up? Perhaps my fingers pinched around your nose…or maybe I’ll just put plastic wrap over your face. Be quiet, don’t breathe. Don’t make a peep while I turn this electricity on my ErosTek higher and higher…

Latex Lockdown: Part 1

Latex Lockdown: Part 1

A perfect little rubber toy for myself. You are going to be my rubber slave, and I will immobilize you bit by bit until you can’t escape.

You’re already clad in a skintight latex catsuit, and it only makes sense to cover your bitch face with a rubber hood. Seeing is a privilege. Don’t worry, I’ll put my used panties in your mouth as a gag before closing the hood back up. And to make sure you don’t speak, this head harness and muzzle will keep you shut up nice and tight.

Layers of bondage means chest harness, leather bondage boots, leather bondage mitts, spreader bars, and rope, all attached to my underbed bondage system. Bit by bit, I will immobilize you until you have no escape. Of course, your cute little cock and balls will be available for my use. For now, I will keep them locked up in chastity, but unzipped from the catsuit.

Writhe and moan for me in that bondage. This is just the beginning.

The Ballsy Recruit

The Ballsy Recruit

You’ve been a cocky recruit in my unit. You walked in with big balls, thinking you were hot stuff, and I could smell the weakness on you already. As your drill instructor, it is my responsibility to break you in whatever way necessary.

Don’t worry – I’ll put you through your paces. I can see the fear in your face when I get this close to you and demean you in every way possible. You’re going to take my punches, my bitchslaps, my spit, and my hand around your weak male scum balls. Men are always so weak because of their low hanging fruit. Pathetic.

After I decide you’ve had enough, it’s time for today’s lesson: what to do when captured behind enemy lines. You must protect your unit at all costs. Self-preservation is unacceptable. I’ll strip you down, tie you to a chair with legs spread, and proceed to take advantage of you at your weakest.

You’ll have a safeword: Daddy. This will represent valuable intel. You will not divulge this at any cost. Doing so will signify your failure in the mission, and then I will proceed to make you suffer the worst humliation of your life.

Seduction and ballbusting. I told you I’d use whatever means necessary to break you. And you know I will.

Of course, the cost of giving up will hurt even more in the end…

Face-Fucked Harlot

Face-Fucked Harlot

Open wide, slut. Open up for Daddy’s cock. It’s so big that you’re probably going to gag on it immediately, but oh well, who cares! You’re pretty much just a glory hole for me.

Get it nice and wet with your spit so that I can slide this big strap-on dildo in and out of your whore mouth. Don’t worry – I’ll mix it up with some ashes from my cigarette and some spit from my smoking mouth. Wouldn’t want you to think this was only going to be a mouth fucking.

And how could you not? How dominant do I look in all this leather? You knew you were going to be nothing more than a sissy bitch when you watched me walk in with my thigh high boots and all leather outfit, smoking a cig. You knew I was going to be your Daddy.

So keep that sweet pussy mouth of yours open for me, harlot. I’ll facefuck you until you gag, and then do it some more.

Bastinado Broken

Bastinado Broken

You did say, you wanted to be my slave, right? You knew that meant doing anything for me. You knew that meant going through things even when you hurt, when you cry, and when you yell no. I don’t give a fuck – it’s about my pleasure and certainly not yours.

So I know that hogtie hurts, I know you’ve been in that position for far longer than was comfortable and you think you can’t take any more. I know.

Well, guess what? You’re going to take some more. Now that the soles of your feet are pleasantly exposed for my entertainment, it’s about time we revisited some bastinado.

After all, it’s been so long since I’ve tortured the bottom of your feet. The last time you experienced it was a little…too nice…I think. I don’t feel like being nice to you today.

I feel like singletail whipping your feet until you wiggle around in pain. I feel like caning your arches until you cry out for me to stop. And then I feel like continuing until you remember that I’m the boss around here. I stop when I feel like it. I don’t stop just because you start crying.

I’m going to break you today, and you’ll have no option but to lie there and take it. After all, it’s not like you can escape. Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

Cigarette Sucker

Cigarette Sucker

Open wide! I’ve got a tasty morsel for you today: my cigarette butt and ashes! And you’re going to keep that filthy mouth open so you can catch it all. It’ll be filthier once I’m done with you…

Dressed in all leather and smoking a cig with my leather gloves on – all the better to captivate your senses. Watch my smoke billow around you…and you better not cough. If you do cough, I’ll be sure to put my gloved hands over your mouth to smother out any coughing you may have. No wasting! Just shut up and take it.

Breathe in my carcinogens. I’m addicted to smoking, and you will be too.

Tease and Bust

Tease and Bust

That metal ring around balls looks so heavy and tight! You must be so uncomfortable. Let me just run my fingers over your cock and balls. Does that feel sensitive? Does it hurt when I lightly squeeze on them?

Don’t worry, I’ll be nice…

I know it’s hard to see when you’re in that leather sensory deprivation, so I’ll be generous with my description. I’m in a revealing, all-leather outfit – thong, bra, and boots – and darling, it shows off all my curves. Especially the way my high cut thong shows off my ass, and my thigh high boots emphasize the curviness of my bottom half…

Here, let me rub my ass and thighs on your cock. Doesn’t that feel good? You must be feeling so confused as well, with that heavy weight gripped tight around your balls. But I can feel your cock getting hard behind me. I bet you want to fuck me, don’t you? Your imagination is probably running wild with what I look like, bent over with my ass sliding against your erection. You probably want to stick it in me.

Good thing you’re in a leather straitjacket. Good thing that hood is suspended and attached so you can’t move very far. You’re a bit helpless, aren’t you? Helpless and horny.

You know I love to abuse a horny boy. You’ll be totally unable to protect yourself from it. Did that slap hurt? Don’t worry, I’?l rub up against your boner again…just to watch that dick rise…you know pain always follows pleasure, right? Slap, punch, cane…

I’ll tease and ballbust you over and over and over again until you regret having that male weakness you know as an erection.

Butt Slut

Butt Slut

Oh my – what a precious little piggie I have right here. Ballgagged in your mouth and your sluthole right open, arms and legs restrained to the bondage bed… I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to like it. In fact, I won’t be able to hear your screams or moans through that gag.

Do you see how big this cock is? It’s enormous. Doesn’t it feel ridiculously huge while I’m using it to bitchslap your face? I know you want to suck it but you can’t because you’re gagged. Ha!

I’m going to peg you until you’re walking funny. Take it, bitch. You’re my butt slut.

My Personal Seat

My Personal Seat

Locked up underneath my ass – my personal seat. Could you ask for anything better?

It must be so sweaty under all those layers of plastic wrap mummification, and I’m sure your hard cock is struggling in that chastity. I prefer you restrained when I’m sitting on you. That way you struggle a little bit. That way you have to wiggle yourself into my asscrack to keep on sniffing it, feeling that latex ass sweat dripping on your face.

Isn’t it such a beautiful view underneath me? My ass cheeks slowly lowering down onto your face until you’re struggling for breath. It’s so funny that you’re both mentally AND physically helpless for my butt!

And when you’re deep in my bum, I’ll lock your head in place with a strong scissorhold. Don’t fight it, darling, your puny head is no match for my powerful legs. I love feeling you get tense and struggling to breathe while my thighs are squeezing on either side of your face and neck. I could just squash you like a bug.

Necessary Discipline

Necessary Discipline

You’ve been such a disappointment.

Running your mouth, chatting away, and being an embarrassment in front of my friends. Do you forget that you’re a slave? Do you forget that you’re a bitch? Do I need to beat you to remind you of your place?

Everything can be used for discipline if necessary. And since I need to discipline you right here and now, I’m going to use this wooden spoon and a belt. Don’t worry – I’ll make sure it hurts. First, I’ll scratch you with this fork so your ass skin is extra tender for me. Then I’ll paddle you with this wooden spoon until it breaks and whip you with this belt until you start crying. I’m also not forgetting your taint – your entire derriere is getting a whooping.

You act like an ass around me and I’ll beat your ass like the ass you are. This is necessary discipline.